Tank cleaning, blasting and coating is one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by operators of storage tanks. The accumulation of sludge and corrosion in storage tanks can cause operating problems and costly down time.

Breaks may be caused by a variety of circumstances. The paint may be too thin or may have degraded through proximity to the environment. The coating may be porous and may not form a complete barrier. Or the paint may have been applied incompletely or improperly. If the surface was not properly cleaned before applying the paint, then breaks will occur since the paint will not adhere well to contaminated surfaces or to blisters

You can use the best coating/paint products in the world, but if the surface is not prepared properly before the application, premature failure of the coating and deterioration of the substrate metal is inevitable. Our tank Coating Specialists study each project and determine the optimum approach to surface preparation based on site specific conditions such as tank materials, existing corrosion, humidity and other environmental conditions.

In addition to the financial cost associated with replacing badly maintained coats of paint, the coatings applied on such surfaces are usually lower in quality due to adverse application conditions. Seventy five percent of all coating failures are attributable to deficient surface preparation or to improper application of the paint. These failures lead to downtime's during which the tank cannot be used while it is being repaired. The downtime and loss of facility production can lead to potentially staggering costs.

So when you need protective coatings, wet or dry abrasive blasting, or just tank cleaning, trust in the experts of CAPITAL MARINE GROUP

True to our beginnings, CAPITAL MARINE GROUP continues to sandblast and paint. CMI again offers well trained personnel, with years of experience, completing various types of surface preparation, using High Pressure Hot and Cold Water cleaning, Abrasive Blasting, with various medias, blast recovery and containment systems

CAPITAL MARINE GROUP is well equipped to accomplish a broad spectrum of cleaning and coating painting projects using plural component pumps,usage of dehumidifiers for humidity control, vacuum systems used for cleaning spent grit are self-contained and non-polluting, after coolers, water traps and dryers are also utilized to facilitate the removal of moisture from compressed air.

For all your cleaning, blasting and coating needs, from any tank to hull or parts, CAPITAL MARINE GROUP is your one stop shop with 100% satisfaction results.


We have the experience and equipment to successfully clean, prepare and coat the water tanks either fresh, black or grey water.
We use many technologies available to ensure superior results plus our experienced staff of qualified employees, trained in all aspects, and top of the line equipment I our trucks, will provide you with a complete and mobile maintenance and cleaning solution for your vessel, whether you own a 20 foot skiff or a 220 foot floating palace.